Once upon a school time I met the first love of my life, Anna. We’re like the old married couple, eating dark chocolate and drinking tea late at night. My next love was Caroline, she went to the same school as Anna and I. Caroline thought I was the most annoying person that has ever existed, this hate later turned out to be love. Who’d guess, right? Last and definitely not least, in the mythical world of high-school, I finally bumped into my last love, Jenny. Who are these girls?
They are my soulmates.
Anna is the driven one, the one with the fancy school, apartment in London and has it all going for her on the business front. Let’s just say she could sell you shit and you would think it’s a gift from god.
Caroline, she’s the logical one. The street-smart, spontaneous one. She knows how to cram school, work, gym and partying all together in one and still have time to travel everywhere in the world.
Jenny’s the live-like-you-might-or-might-not-die-tomorrow. She’s the blonde literature student who quotes books and makes you laugh until your heart content. But don’t let her quirky personality fool you, she got the brains to back it up.
So here I am now, with my fabulous, gorgeous girls, a black and white wardrobe and a job at a Froyo-restaurant, trying to get my life together without falling down the rabbit hole.

I can’t help but wonder, did Alice really go to wonderland or did she simply go insane?
Anyway, welcome to my monthly column. Enjoy!