Validation, we all crave it. Some of us are just to scared to admit it. Some of us don’t know when we receive it. Some of us are narcissistic enough to get it from ourselves and some of us just take it by force.
As Jenny and I closed in on the gym for some self-proclaimed validation her phone vibrated violently. And just like that, Jenny received some pre-gym-validation in the form of a text message from ’Up-the-butt-guy’.
Jenny had been seeing this guy a couple times before, strictly sex. What this guy didn’t get though was that Jenny wasn’t at all interested in the up-the-butt-action. And ’Mr.Netherlands’ was still in the picture. Even after saying butt or nothing at all, he couldn't stop ’buttycalling’ her. For her it was front-butt or no butt. For him it was just butt.
But(t) is validation compromise-able, and would provisional be enough to cover deficiency?
On the other side of town Caroline and Anna were having drinks before Caroline’s date with ’I-can’t-be-seen-in-jeans-guy’. I joined up with them after spin class and saw that Caroline wore black jeans that were ripped at the knees. Caroline has this habit of doing the exact opposite of what is comfortable for others just to see their reaction. She takes it by force.
The night went on and it turned out that ’No-jeans-guy’ was really nice after all. Some guys you can’t judge by the cover. And some you can tell right away, they’re like wrapped candy with the wrapper inside of the candy.
A little closer to home, Anna and I talked about her source of validation; ’No-labels-guy’. This guy has three layers of wrapper, with no label on it and is bolted shut. Validation deficiency.
Does provisional validation really work for the sake of well-being? Would we have to ’buttpromise’? Maybe Nemesis did wrong by punishing Narcissus for being is own source of validation.
I can’t help but wonder, if we only have one candy in the jar, do we pry until the wrapper comes of or do we simply give up?



Just ran into a new serie that might be awesomely promising. Not only is the main character devilishly hot but also funny and charming. Let's see how this turns out!